Notes on the Synaptic Web: references

December 2nd, 2009

This post is a part of a post series with notes to prepare a WebTrends article on the Synaptic Web I’m working on. Basically the Synaptic Web revolves around the idea that the structure of, and mechanisms on, the web increasingly resembles that of the neural networks in our brain. This will have, for instance, consequences for how we will find information on the web in the future, how people, products, services, brands get attention on the web and how value can be extracted from it.

To make a start for my article I did some web searching to find out what others have to say about the topic. Important articles and videos are:

After reading/viewing the above I got the impression that the notion of the Synaptic web is still in its infancy, explanations are still quite abstract. What the Synaptic Web is and how it works has to be made more concrete, practical examples of its mechanisms need to be created. Further, a better understanding needs to be developed about what the Synaptic Web could imply for how we use the web to find information, how (web) businesses can create new value, how to get attention, how to communicate and how we work and live in general.

These are challenges I will attempt to take up in the article I’m preparing. I’m not sure I’ll succeed, but I like a good challenge ;)

PS: initially I wanted to post these notes on my 3 tweet blog experiment on Posterous. But since I could never cramp what I wanted to say in 3 tweets it was promoted to my main blog site!

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